Fox Will Push X-Men: Dark Phoenix To a Whole New Level For Disney

ScreenPickleMarch 3, 2019

With the introduction of the second trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix we’re constant reminded that Disney is on a purchasing spree where they’re in negotiation for acquiring Fox, which they hold the rights to the X-Men comic books and Fantastic Four for the past 20 years. Let’s hope Fox gives us their all in hopes that this will push their ratings through the roof hence making a good impression on their new owner. X-men: Dark Phoenix is both a sequel to the X-Men: Apocalypse movie released on 2016 and a film adaptation of Chris Claremont’s classic comic series called “The Dark Phonix Saga”. In the 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand Fox has already begun adapting the story arc whereby they reduced Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix to a subplot from a larger narrative about a mutant cure.

Writer & producer Simon Kinberg has long expressed his frustration of the outcome of X-Men: The Last Stand and now is his chance to redeem himself with The Dark Phoenix Saga. Fan’s of the X-Men love the Phoenix Saga story arc and is more than eager to see the new Dark Phoenix unleash her true potential power. Watch the trailer below:

In the trailer above and in an interview which came by afterwards, Kinberg confirms that Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is killed by Jean / Dark Phoenix during a confrontation mid-way through the movie. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as fans has already theorized the death of a major role for a long time and in the trailer above we get to see surviving X-Men gathering around a grave. In X-Men: The Last Stand we see Jean going all out with her powers on Professor X but in the trailer above we see her crushing Megneto’s helmet instead!? Leave it to the trailer team to keep us hanging on our seats.

Seen the trailer? What are your thoughts?