Alita: Battle Angel might be one of the biggest budget movie of 2019 so far, how expensive you ask? $150-200 million expensive, mate! After lingering in the development phase for couple of year, the manga adaptation movie finally made it to the big screens with the help of director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron. The budget might be huge due to the emphasis on the movie’s visual effects like James Cameron’s Avatar.

Fox movies really shift into high gear when it comes to the marketing budget for the movie, they even bought a Super Bowl TV spot for Alita during the home stretch of promotion. With thing boiling in the background, where Disney and Fox in the midst of a acquisition negotiation, the hope for Alita: Battle Angel becoming a big hit would further cement the 2 companies together. But in order for it to turn heads in the round table of Disney, the film first needs to turn a HUGE profit in order to cover it’s production cost.

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When it comes to movie investment, there’s no denying that it’s a high risk high reward endeavor. Going with an estimate rule of thumb, Alita: Battle Angel needs to make around $400 million in worldwide sales in order to just break even the cost of production. Even if the actual budget to make the movie were to fall in the lower end of the cost spectrum, it still needs to make around $300 million, and like most high risk investments, there’s no guarantee the money will be flowing in. Alita has no cultural influence other than the old manga reader fanbase in Japan and some scattered minions worldwide but other than that even the marketing campaign isn’t doing a good job in selling the big eyed robot to the masses in the US. Hence, making Fox a servant to the worldwide audience.

It’s still in the early stages of release and it would be unwise to bet against James Cameron even if he’s only playing second fiddle to the main orchestra. It’s quite obvious that Alita isn’t playing as much as it should in the theatres right now and with the recent Robin Hood flop, one could wonder if it was better for Fox to keep Alita under a reserve budget rather than going all out on it’s amazing visual effects!? By having a polar opposite reviews on rottentomatoes, 94% audience vs 59% critics. Alita: Battle Angel’s income boat become more shaky as moviegoers tend to weigh in on what critics say.

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