Before Ricky Gervais could deliver his lion’s roar that night (The 77th Golden Globe Awards), he said “You’ll be pleased to know that this is the last time I’m hosting this awards so… I don’t care anymore”. If you were present to listen to his speech, you know $hits about to hit the fan. You don’t challenge a guy that has nothing to lose. Ricky further emphasis his standing by saying “Remember this are all just jokes, we’re all gonna die soon”, THIS will get you at the edge of your sit! So hang on tight as we go into the highlights of that night’s volcanic speech that blew up the hills of Hollywood.

1.) Ricky highlighted Felicity Huffman’s involvement in the college admissions scandal (which made Tom Hank’s jaw dropped.
2.) Ricky told the harsh truth that nobody goes to the cinema anymore, nobody watches network TV, everybody’s on Netflix now. Oh boy, That’s why Disney came out with Disney Plus. Ricky went on to say the awards should be him coming out announcing “Well done Netflix you win! Goodnight!”
3.) The number 2 on the list concludes with a Jeffrey Epstein jail cell death controversy!? Who’d even there to say that in Hollywood? He even went on to say “I know he’s your friend but I don’t care”.
4.) Ricky then went on to speak about pedophilia related movies such as “surviving R Kelly”, “Leaving Never Land” and “The Two Pops”.
5.) Ricky also joked about how long the movie “The Irishman” was but the killer punch was targetted at “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” whereby he joked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s tendency to date younger women (watch the video below to hear the full joke).
6.) He also criticized the Hollywood foreign press for the lack of diversity in the 2020 nominees.
7.) Ricky called out actors whose TV shows appear on streaming services such as Apple TV, Amazon, Disney etc, critizing their hypocrisy of making films about dignity and doing the right thing, when their own company have controversies around harsh labor environments for their employees in China. “If Isis Started a Stremaing Service, You Call Your Agent”.
8.) Ricky hits the iron while it’s hot by telling the winners to not use the platform for their political speech. That they’re not in the position to lecture the public about anything. Stating that they know nothing about the real world and they spend less time in School than Gretha Thunberg.
9.) Ricky put the last nail in the coffin by telling the winners this: “So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god and FUCK OFF!”

He has our full support at ScreenPickle, nobody has ever had the balls to go up stage and tell it as it is. Or maybe it was scripted? Who knows? Well, Ricky Gervais did say that he’ll be going into hiding after delivering this speech so that’s that. Watch the highlights in the video below.