Well, I guess Joaquin Phoenix is synonymous with Joker now! When Joaquin was introduce to the 2020 golden globe stage he was introduced as “Joker”, I guess he’ll have a hard time leaving his character behind in the future but still he went home with the top prizes the 2020 golden globe has to offer.

Joaguin’s Joker was nominated for four golden globes awards, he was nominated for Best Actor, Best Director (Todd Phillips), Best Score (Hildur Gudnadóttir) and lastly Best Picture. Adding to the already impressive portfolio the film Joker could amaze us is that Hildur Gudnadóttir became the first ever solo, female composer to win the award for her guttural soundscape.

The movie Joker 2019 has grossed earnings of $1.06 billion dollars worldwide according to Forbes which will put Joker as DC’s most prominent money maker. In Joker, Phoenix portrays a wannabe comedian named Arthur Fleck, whose mundane sense of humor only made things worse in the comedic realm not to mention his whirlpool of emotions towards his mother after finding out the truth behind his upbringings. This eventually led him down a dark path giving birth to DC’s Batman’s arch-nemesis “Joker”. DC gave Phoenix an empty canvas on which to paint his portrayal of the origin story of Joker (a man born from the worst of society in the tides of an economic downturn). Phoenix reportedly lost 52 pounds just to inhabit Fleck’s gaunt physique, even practicing Joker’s blank laughs into an extension of his iconic character. You can hear the emptiness from his forced laughter which echoes pain to the audience.

“Before I even read the script, Todd came over and talked me through what he wanted out of this character and this movie, and he showed me some videos, and he described the laughter as something that was almost painful,” Phoenix told audiences at the Venice Film Festival last August. “And so ultimately, I think Joker is a part of him that’s trying to emerge, and I think that was a really interesting way of looking at his laugh. It felt like a new, fresh way of looking at it. But honestly, I didn’t think that I could do it. I would practice alone and then asked Todd to come over to audition my laugh, because I felt like I had to do it on the spot and in front of somebody else. It took me a long time.”

It seems Phoenix hasn’t let his predecessors down by being the second actor to pick up the Golden Globe playing an iconic DC Comic Villain. Heath Ledger also won the Best Actor in a supporting role award for his “Joker” work in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Not to mention Heath Ledger went on to win the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor in the very same year. Fingers crossed that Phoenix will continue on his award winning streak.


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Source: ScreenPickle