If you’ve spent some time on the online world, you already know that actor and former football player Terry Crews Is practically everyone’s hero. Only a month after bravely admitting that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood exec, After admitting that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive bravely, he has come through for followers once more after assisting out a female fan girl whose bank informed her she needed the movie star’s authorization in order to place his photo on her Wells Fargo debit card.

Nothing, I mean Nothing! discourages you from spending extra cash faster than a serious stern look from Terry Crews, so a Twitter user named Darrel Kennedy thought it might be a good idea to use him as the backdrop image on her new Wells Fargo platinum debit credit card. Wells Fargo, however, rejected her idea and requested she comes back with written consent from the movie star Terry Crews. Luckily for her, it’s the Future, and just about anybody can be contacted through social media, especially Twitter.

After taking her dilemma to Twitter, her cries eventually reached the eyes of the ‘Old Spice guy’ god himself, and what happened next made the whole internet go Crazy! Scroll down to see the whole conversation.

This Is Darrel Kennedy Who Took Her Dilemma To Twitter (Card Holder)

Darrel Kennedy's Terry Crews Wells Fargo Card

Kennedy's Wells Fargo Card Gets Rejected

Terry Crews Saw The Tweet, Came To The Rescue!

It Seems That Terry Crews Uses Himself On Himself.

The Aftermath Was Good! Her Card Got Approve Afterwards!

Twitter Went Wild After The Terry Crews Ordeal!

After reading this post, we should make Terry Crew’s Face an option when we apply for credit cards! It’ll make America Great again! Don’t Build a Wall Build Terry Crews! What are your Thoughts? Leave a comment below.