Frozen 2 Becomes Disney's Highest Grossing Animated Movie Of All Time

Disney’s Frozen 2 is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. Having grossed more than $1.32 billion dollars world wide since it’s sequel which was released in 2013, November 22nd. According to Box Office Mojo, Frozen 2 grossed $449 million domestically while grossed a whopping $875 million internationally. Second only to Frozen 2 is the 2018 hit animated series Incredibles 2 (which kept it’s viewers waiting for 15 years) […]


Walt Disney's Lion King 2019 New Trailer & Poster Featuring Mufasa

Walt Disney studios has finally released a new teaser trailer for it’s upcoming “The Lion King” 2019 movie due to come out on July 19. Although the teaser trailer doesn’t have much content but when the first hit of song hits your soul all those nostalgic memories of our Disney childhood comes flying back. Below is the teaser trailer, poster and watch the trailer till the end for a quick […]


Plan For a "Loki" TV-Series Starring Tom Hiddleston Himself!

Who doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston’s “Loki”? Being the God of Mischief we see “Loki” die in the starting of the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie but yearning for more of Loki made Disney decide to allow the production of “Loki” a limited short series where get to see more of Hiddleton’s Loki. Loki limited series will debut on Disney’s streaming service Disney+. Who better to be the writer and producer of […]


Will Smith's Blue Genie Gets a Robin William Remake From The Internet!

After the recent reveal of the Will Smith’s version of the blue Genie for the Disney’s classic animated movie Aladdin, the whole internet was in rage. As the Blue genie will always hold a place in our memory with the funny Robin Williams as it’s core voice over. In the past, Disney’s iconic animated movie remakes have proven to be a big money grabber. The recent 2017 “Beauty and the […]