Jennifer Lopez Gets Sued $40 Million For The Movie "Hustlers"

The lady who motivated Jennifer Lopez’s character of Ramona in Hustlers has sued the makers, saying they didn’t pay her for ending her biography. Samantha Barbash was the supposed brains behind a ring of strippers who sedated their customers and assumed their praise cards. She conceded in 2017 and was condemned to five years of probation. Their story, distributed by New York Magazine in 2015, was adjusted into Hustlers, which […]


First Look At Robert Downey Junior's New Movie - Dolittle

From the producers of maleficent, alice in wonderland comes the magical world of Dolittle where it takes on a journey of a mash up of multiple worlds. The first look gives you the impression of Jumanji, LOTR, Sherlock adventures all bundle up into one movie. Having a British accent really suits Robert Downey Jr. as in this film Downey portrays a physician, who can communicate with animals in his weird […]


Walt Disney's Lion King 2019 New Trailer & Poster Featuring Mufasa

Walt Disney studios has finally released a new teaser trailer for it’s upcoming “The Lion King” 2019 movie due to come out on July 19. Although the teaser trailer doesn’t have much content but when the first hit of song hits your soul all those nostalgic memories of our Disney childhood comes flying back. Below is the teaser trailer, poster and watch the trailer till the end for a quick […]


Funko Pop Toys Reveals Spider-Man: Far From Home MJ Ready For Battle!

Funko Pops toys has revealed a new battle-ready MJ (Mary Jane) from Spider-Man: Far From Home. MJ is also released alongside other varient Spider-Man characters from the new film. In the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer below, we see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) going to unfamiliar territory overseas. Going on a quick classroom trip to Europe, Italy would be a big culture change for the young teenage Spider-Man. While […]


Gotham Season 5 Finally Reveals Birth Of Batman & Joker

Ever since the release of the TV-Series Gotham got release the two biggest questions that kept the viewers at their sits is how will the young Bruce Wayne become the Batman and will we get to see the creation of the iconic Batman villain, the Joker? But with the release of a quick preview on titled ‘Chemical Green’ we’ll finally have the answer to quench our thirsts. Get a taste […]


The Hustle 2019 Movie Trailer - Anne Hathaway Mentors Rebel Wilson On Being a Crook

With recent push for gender equality it’s no surprise when “The Hustle” came into production. The Hustle is a gender-swapped remake of the 1988 comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Ocean’s Eight (Sandra Bullock), Ghostbusters 2016, What Men Want are just a handful of movies that are getting their genders swapped in recent years and the audience are craving more. Hence, the deliverance of The Hustle 2019. In the upcoming movie The […]


Don't Know What To Feel About TV-Show: Love, Death And Robots (NSFW Trailer)

From the creators of “Mindhunter” comes Netflix’s new confusing series called “Love, Death and Robots“. A collaboration between David Fincher (Mindhunter) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) would give us a weird and whacky outcome of on screen fun. Fincher ain’t no stranger to twisting story plot as “House of Cards” was his brainchild who took Netflix into the mainstream of Hollywood’s original content big table. A little bit about ‘Mindhunter‘, it […]


Frozen II 2019 New Trailer Release!

Coming soon, be sure to mark your calendar for November as Frozen II will be coming back to you with more Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and the goofy Olaf. Nothing much is known about the story line yet. But from the short Trailer we know that they’re going overseas… maybe… Some fans on the internet even took it a step further in drawing a fan art of Frozo from The Incredibles […]