Gotham Season 5 Finally Reveals Birth Of Batman & Joker

Ever since the release of the TV-Series Gotham got release the two biggest questions that kept the viewers at their sits is how will the young Bruce Wayne become the Batman and will we get to see the creation of the iconic Batman villain, the Joker? But with the release of a quick preview on titled ‘Chemical Green’ we’ll finally have the answer to quench our thirsts. Get a taste […]


Plan For a "Loki" TV-Series Starring Tom Hiddleston Himself!

Who doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston’s “Loki”? Being the God of Mischief we see “Loki” die in the starting of the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie but yearning for more of Loki made Disney decide to allow the production of “Loki” a limited short series where get to see more of Hiddleton’s Loki. Loki limited series will debut on Disney’s streaming service Disney+. Who better to be the writer and producer of […]


TV-Show "The Sex Clinic", Patient Didn't Clean His Penis For 24 Years.

In the TV-Show “The Sex Clinic” a guy by the name of Zach, 24 years old has been complaining about his inability to finish dues to his super tight foreskin. He has been suffering from having a nasty smell and irritated tip, all these years. Luckily there’s Dr. Naomi Sutton to the rescue. Upon closer inspection, it seems this is the product of “Smegma” built up, clogging the tip of his […]


Benedict Cumberbatch Becomes Satan in New Amazon Show Good Omens

Benedict Cumberbatch will be doing the voice over for “Satan” in the upcoming mini series “Good Omens” by Amazon prime. Cumberbatch is no stranger when it comes to voice over characters as proven by his track record in animated films such the famous dragon, Smaug in the LOTR movies, the recently released “The Grinch” and Netflix’s Jungle Book adaptation “Mowgli”. It’s no wonder Amazon would had him as first pick. […]


Original Baywatch Season 3 Episode 4, Kid In Background Showing Butt

Don’t know how this mooning scene got through the screening process, but this kid is on point! The original Baywatch series in Season 3 Episode 4, there’s a kid in the background, with his quick reflexes decided to show his butt during a two dude racing scene. Whoever you are kid, you’re famous now!